Hi :”)

I am Saheli Khastagir. Turna is the name my mother gave me but never called me by. Sometimes I feel like a Turna, sometimes like a Saheli.

I am a self-taught painter, writer and development consultant. My consulting work spans development issues like gender, education, health, sanitation, child protection and others across the Global South. I help organizations develop knowledge products, undertake monitoring & evaluation or create fund-raising proposals. For those looking for my consulting credentials or collaborations, find me on LinkedIn 🙂

This website is for my creative projects, learnings and inspirations. I write and paint to capture the in-betweens, the slippery things, to hold and ground what refuses to be held or grounded. I love dark chocolate, long walks and having the wind on my face, I listen to LOTs of podcasts and feed on autobiographies, journals and interviews of inspiring people, I am generally found with a cup of some hot beverage, plotting a new project. I have a very thin skin and filter for emotions- I laugh and cry easily and often, and live on a constant emotional roller-coaster.

Welcome to my world. <3