a few of my favourite things


Hi! So this list does not (YET) include the personal loves in my life. But this is a list of words, images and sounds that have moved me. I am curating these here, both to help me find and remember them, and also to share them with you. Feel free to bookmark this page, and whenever you are looking for new things to enjoy or be moved by, you can enjoy some of my favourite things <3 I will keep adding to these.

  1. Nidhi Zakaria Eipe’s “Nine Months” on BODY : poem? prose? fiction? dream? whatever this is, it gives me major pangs every time I read it, and I keep going back to it.
  2. Memories of a Machine: A short film (less than 10 mins! watch it while your rice cooks) is written and directed by Shailaja Padindala. Kani Kusruti gives a raw beautiful performance.
  3. Every single painting by Georgia O’ Keeffe! They stir me like nothing else.
  4. Annie Sexton’s “The Double Image”. </3
  5. This conversation between Tishani Doshi and Karthika Naïr <3 and the different direction it links and pulls you towards.
  6. Nobody is Making you do This: Lorelei Vashti’s account of writing her first book, illustrated by Grace Lee.
  7. Andrea Gibson performing “How it Ends”. OR Andrea Gibson performing any of her poems really.
  8. Ana Teresa Barboza’s embroidered landscapes that leap out of hoops and boundaries.
  9. Three Women by Sylvia Plath.
  10. Daphne Du Maurier’s book, “Rebecca”. (yes, that link took you to my portrait of her 😛 but I like that portrait, and you don’t need me to point you towards where you can find/buy her books.)
  11. Everything that Priya Kurian draws, but especially her #peopleofkochi and #peopleofdelhi series.
  12. Alt-J’s entire new incredibly beautiful album “Relaxer”, including their visuals. But especially, this!
  13. On Being’s “Poetry Radio Project”: This is a compilation of the poems performed by the guests they have had on their show so far. Kind of like this list I am compiling, you can spend a few hours enjoying the beauty they have compiled. <3 <3
  14. This song.
  15. Everything that Sarah Naqvi makes.
  16. You may have seen this, it was trending quite a bit some years ago. A dance performance depicting the co-evolution of symbiotic species.
  17. Oliver Sacks’ autobiography- On the Move. (If I know you, you can ask me to lend it to you.)
  18. This scene from Apur Sansar. Sorry, I couldn’t find a link with English subtitles, you’ll just have to learn Bangla to enjoy this <3
  19. Patti Smith‘s MTrain. so much heart!!! (yeah I did that link thing again. :D)
  20. This! Gasp.
  21. Watching Brad Pitt eat. 😛 <3
  22. This poem written by Neil Gaiman and performed by Amanda Palmer; it was first performed as part of the spectacular “Universe in Verse” event hosted by Maria Popova of Brain Pickings. Sigh.
  23. The world’s largest sketchbook library!! Completely crowd-sourced. Another reason to spend a few months in Brooklyn <3.
  24. This is a list of inspiring talks curated by Ida C. Benedicto that she goes to when she feels creatively stuck. This is great, especially for me, who also looks for inspiring talks when feeling stuck (creatively or otherwise), and who feels stuck often!
  25. Nanette by Hannah Gadsby!! I am telling everyone how this is one of those genre changing revolutionary pieces that will make into art textbooks and stand-up courses, and we get to witness it and its impact right now in real tiiime.
  26. The moment Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan fell in love. <3 Radiolab bringing forward soul nourishing things as usual.