26 Portraits

This is my side micro-project where I make 26 portraits for 26 letters of the alphabet under different categories. I am currently working on the category of “Writerly Women”- where I make portraits of women writers, poets and novelists who have touched me with their words at some point in my life. Find them all together here.

A for Agatha Christie
B for bell hooks
C for Charlotte Perkins Gilman


I am creating an online illustrated directory of mental health terms, where each term is illustrated and accompanied with a first-person style narrative and linked to other useful sources of information. I hope this will help to create more informed and empathetic understanding of some of these issues. This is an ongoing labour of love, that you can find here.

Bipolar Disorder
Intermittent Explosive Disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Illustration Series

#1 NO Series

Through text+words, I explored different ways of giving and receiving NOs. Find them all here. 

bull-y series

I drew 4 types of bull-ies and bullied, and accompanied it with text, to illustrate and vent about the kind of bullying I have witnessed or experienced in professional settings. Find them here.