overcome, Acrylic on Canvas, 22 by 28 inches

This is my first painting of 2018, and it’s called “overcome” 🙂 It is also somewhat of a continuation of an older painting I did a little less than 2 years ago. That one was called “imposing structures” and you can see it below.

imposing structures, Acrylic on Canvas, 23 by 36 inches

Isn’t it interesting how certain places seem to bring back the same motifs every time we are situated there? Both these paintings were done in the same place, in New Orleans- every time I come here I can’t help but be struck by the vastness of the skies and the water that surrounds it, and the vulnerability of this little festive stretch of land in between. The dramatic skies and the waterscapes impresses on me the helplessness of the human in the middle and I am awed by this helplessness and feeling of smallness. This impression works on me on everything I make and write when I am here.

The moment I am in Delhi, of course, the impressions are exactly the opposite. The landscape there is made of the masses of people, and if the individual feels small there, it’s not so much for the nature that surrounds her, but for the systems and movements that these masses can create. I am overwhelmed by the sound, smell and impressions that a large collective makes on you, the building hides the skyline, the forests are contained between roads and human-made structures, and sometimes I forget inside all that sensory stimulation, the vastness of the universe that surrounds me.


The two paintings above are not just a reaction of the place on me, but of course an expression of the psychic world in me too. I am probably at different points in my life between 2016 and 2018, and that reflects in these works too. I felt that the images in the previous painting wanted to grow and evolve with me, which made me make the new one. I sense a third one coming, maybe another two years down the line, haha. I’ll end this post with this video that I have been binge-watching since yesterday. Enjoy!


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  1. Haven’t seen your work in years! And this is what growth looks like. You’re amazing, as always. <3

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