Publications & Features




      1. Economic and Political Weekly: Publicity over Performance
      1. Warehouse Zine: Types of NO; 2017 
    1. Blank Slate Chronicles: How Anti-Depressants are being handed out like candies in India

Poetry and Fiction

      1. Guftugu: they were already broken (a poem)
      1. Kitaab: Closedopens (a poem)
      1. Sonic Boom Journal: Mediocrity (a poem)
      1. The Bombay Review: dissolve into doorways (a poem)
      1. papercuts: Fetal- the tale of my abduction (a poem)
      1. The Literary Yard: Autumn Winds (a short story); milaan (a short story)
      1. Muddy River Poetry Review: Making space for love (a poem)
    1. Reading hour:


  1. March 2016; Social Change, Centre for Social Development: Universal Elementary Education in India: A realistic or absurd dream


  1. Design Fabric: Imagining a better planet on Earth Day (a collaboration) 
  2. Homegrown: Feature of the 26Portraits project
  3. Indian Women Blog: Feature and Interview for 26Portraits project
  4. Blank Slate Chronicles: Artist Feature