What I learned last year


Right before the end of 2016, I noted down some of the essential things I learned that year. In 2017, some of these learnings served me well; some, I had to unlearn and some others I needed to relearn. This list definitely needs an update, but I am yet to put my thoughts together on 2017. However, as I am transferring content from other parts of my online presence onto this website, putting this one here as well, since this seemed to have resonated with many. Maybe it will with you too?

{Happy New Year!}


This year, I learned to pick love.


I learned that I can survive hatred,

And outlive pain.

I learned the endurance of life this year.


I learned that we never learn from history,

that each generation will make the same mistakes

and relearn the same learnings.


I learned that sometimes

you have to shout to be heard,

And sometimes there is no reward for kindness.

I learned the arbitrariness of life.


This year, I learned that coconut can transform anything.


I learned that not everyone who demands truth

has the courage to hear it.

and that my body will be my longest companion

: I learned to take care of her this year.


This year, I learned the importance of combing.


I learned to plan.

I learned to think in years, instead of days.

I learned that sometimes the woman sitting inside the burning house,

is the last one to know it’s burning.


I watched friends and teachers I have loved and admired

endorse despotism.

I lost my faith in people a little this year.

I learned that seeing is not believing,

because you see what you believe in.


I learned that water can cure most things.

I learned to sit straighter and flinch lesser.

I learned that sometimes understanding is better than advice.

I learned the importance of appearance this year.


I learned that behind every armour is a scared soldier.

I learned to be more forgiving this year.


I learned that you don’t always get what you deserve

but what you demand, from life.

I learned to not settle for lesser.

I learned to say No this year.


I also learned to say Yes less often,

smile less frequently, cry more generously, 

I learned to be impatient this year.


This year, I learned to cling tighter.

I learned that movement is easier than stillness,

that revolting is easier than rebuilding.


This year, I learned to finish what I begin.

I learned that I like chillies in everything.

and that home is a pair of arms

and a smell that you can trust in.



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