Power Games, on Dissent Magazine

New long-form piece about how GE exports privatization on Dissent Magazine

“By positioning itself as an expert partner in international climate efforts, GE gains access to developing economies, thereby propping up a system that pushes these countries deeper into debt and increases their reliance on unsustainable fuels. Activists that focus their attention on oil and gas giants like Shell and ExxonMobil should also put energy equipment companies like GE in their crosshairs—because as long as there are power plants running on fossil fuels, fossil fuel exploration will continue.”

Artist Respond: Post-Roe Louisiana

I was so honored to be part of this very important show organized in the Carroll Gallery of Newcomb Art Department, Tulane University. Enjoy this awkward picture of me, with my two paintings that were part of the show. 😛

A Dream of a Woman by Casey Plett- A review

A review of Casey Plett’s collection short stories for Full-Stop

Micro-Essay published in an anthology

Non-White and Woman: Edited by Darien Hsu Gee and Carla Crujido, Published by Woodhall Press

Em by Kim Thúy- A review

A review of Kim Thúy’s brilliant and brutal book “Em” for Full-Stop

Two days after Hurricane Zeta

A poem in Ligeia Magazine

Threading my eyebrows in New Orleans
This painting has been traveling recently

Over the last year, this painting travelled for two group shows:

  1. Vividness and Anxiety in a time of Pandemic, Downtown Art Gallery, Kokomo– March-April 2021
  2. Your Place at the Table II, 311 Gallery– October 2021
The Town Slowly Empties- A review

A review of Manash Firaq Bhattacharjee’s non-fiction book for Full-Stop

Aid for Profit, on Current Affairs

Long-form investigative article about U.S. Foreign Aid on Current Affairs

“Imagine Poor Country X is recovering from a long war and struggling to meet the basic needs of its citizens. Rich Country Y steps up and offers to help X. It’s not just an ethical thing to do, but also a smart political move—it helps stabilize the region and improves relations between X and Y. Sounds good so far. But what if the way in which Rich Country Y helps Poor Country X is by partnering with the world’s most powerful corporations to “develop” the war-torn nation?

Open Theme Annual Show, at Webster Art

Group Show, 2021

Emerging Writers Residency 2020

I have been awarded the Emerging Writers Residency 2020 at the Studio in the Woods, New Orleans.

The season of sin

A poem on The Alipore Post.

Poem in Airplane Poetry Movement’s Anthology

I have a poem in this beautiful book has been put together by Shantanu Anand and Nandini Varma from the APM and you can find it here.

Modi’s Narrow and Intolerant Idea of India Is Backfiring

An Op-ed in Globe-Post

The message couldn’t be clearer: the government and police are here to serve the state first and citizens second, and only some of the citizens.

Artist Feature on The Alipore Post
“Saheli stop! You are breaking them.”
“No. They were already broken”

A poem on Guftugu.

Publicity vs. Performance

An opinion piece on Economic and Political Weekly.

The fact that this government has spent more than double on its publicity than what it has allocated this year for what it calls the ‘world’s largest state funded health insurance scheme’, is a telling evidence of where its priorities lay.

Dissolve into doorways
Artist Feature on Indian Women Blog

Artist Feature on Indian Women Blog

Artist Feature on Homegrown

Artist Feature on Homegrown

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